Say Hello to my all-time favourite: The Spinach, Cheese and Egg Roll!
I love love love pastry sheets and their possibilities. I’ve always only made savoury treats with these but I have always wanted to venture out to satisfy my sweet tooth side! Maybe one day ☺.
I’m so use to shopping in Sydney… And knowing exactly where to buy all my goods for my usual pastry treats. It was pretty disappointing walking into my local grocers (Fresh Co) and not finding the Frozen Spinach and usual Pastry Sheets I’ve always been use to. So, this time around I am using Filo Pastry and fresh Spinach.
I have also created a recipe on sausage rolls, here.
There are no exact measurements, adjust as you go! You don’t need to use eggs, it’s just a filler for me since I don’t want to have as much cheese. I will be listing substitutes along the way. Super easy and you can add anything, really!
Recipe after the jump!

Defrosted Puff Pastry (or Filo, but puff is much tastier and easier to use!)
A big bundle of Fresh or Frozen Spinach (defrosted)
1/3 Cup Shredded Cheese (or half a cup if you don’t want to use eggs!)
Two eggs (A yolk from on egg for brushing)
1/2 Onion (optional!)
1/2 Tspn Salt
1/2 Tspn Pepper

(I ended up grabbing double the amount, it wilts a lot!)

Step 1:
Chop em’ up! Or skip this step if you have frozen spinach.
Chop the spinach into inch pieces. I love working with Spinach! It’s so soft and smells delicious. But, see whad’ I mean – it wilts so much, I had to add another bunch.
Step 2:
Make your egg mix!
Here I have an egg, and one egg white, separating one egg yolk, plopped in the cheese and browned onions!
Step 3:
Cooking time!
Pour into pan and wait for a little border to form, so it cooks up a little bit, and add in your spinach. I should have added much more spinach.
Step 4:
Mix and watch
You want the result in between these two images. So, it should be very soft but pieced together.
Step 5:
Rolling time! Prep for their sun-baking.
I decided to make… A spiral first! Laying out a 2.5cm thick on my Pastry sheet and rolling (five layers, for filo pastry – one for puff pastries). Seal the end with yolk! Then spiral like a snail and seal with more yolk.
It should be looking like this and ready for the oven! And, the right image is after 20 minutes sitting in the oven.
More variations!
I made one to be a sausage roll kind of thing, so, much thicker, laying in 4cm width along the length and rolling in 5 layers. Folding into quarters for the triangles!
And, yes, you may feast your eyes on the results…
So. Good.
Triangle pastries. I just love the difference a layer of yolk across the top makes!
My Spinach Rolls
Beautiful colour
You have to make this.