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Tosung Firewood BBQ, Parramatta

What I love most about meeting new people is that they’re able to introduce me to all sorts of new places and make all sorts of recommendations for places I’ve never visited!  During the whole meeting, Gers and I were the only ones who didn’t order. Watching as everyone was having their meals…

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Grill’d Healthy Burgers, Parramatta

I’ve wanted to eat here for the longest time! I particularly wanted to try their chips which apparently are absolutely amazing! One of the many restaurants on Church street, and one of the burger restaurants, is Grill’d! Straight away once I walked in, I could see that they were promoting themselves as ‘all…

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Ribs and Rumps, Parramatta

Hey! So begins my long delayed Sydney posts. I’ll try to remember every detail!  I visited this place during December 2012, with my sister and ex-neighbor, Cynthia! I’ve always absolutely loved talking about food to Cynz and was so glad that we could finally all go out together. Walking down the lengthy street…

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