Category: Fairfield

Green Peppercorn, Fairfield

I’m actually embarrassed by the amount of times I’ve been here. Green Peppercorn opened up right around the corner of my street, and in the first two months, I pranced familiarly into it’s doors at least twice a week. I would have to ask my fellow diners not to check me in to…

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Fatman Catering, St Johns Park

Hopping into the car of my mate’s, we pondered on where to go. It’s been a monthly tradition of ours for months, going to cute places for dinner. It was 10:30PM, particularly late by the time we were both free, I couldn’t think of many options. “Fatmans!” I excitedly suggested, looking at him…

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Thai Deelite Fairfield, Fairfield

Nine pm and hungry. I’ve moved to this area more than six months ago and only now decided to explore the strip of Thai restaurants on the other side of the station. They sell both Vietnamese and Thai & Laos. There are also a few desert options. Past 9 pm and empty. Being…

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