Nine pm and hungry. I’ve moved to this area more than six months ago and only now decided to explore the strip of Thai restaurants on the other side of the station.
They sell both Vietnamese and Thai & Laos. There are also a few desert options.
Past 9 pm and empty.
Being just myself and my friend, we didn’t order much. I wasn’t even hungry.
 Chicken Pad Thai ($10.50)
Average, not many flavours going on here.
Ox Tongue  ($9.50)
Chewy, just right. But with sauce not too great of a pair.
Gathered a bit on my plate
Everytime I eat at the Thai and Laos restaurant, I am always constantly comparing. The pad thai here was average, ox tongue was perfect but the sauce didn’t go so well with it. I guess since we came at so late of a time I should expect overcooked sticky rice…

Thai Deelite Fairfield
2 Dale St,
Fairfield NSW
Australia 2165