120 Lynn Williams St
Toronto, ON
M6K 3P6 Canada
Bar – Lunch/Dinner – Italian
The Surprise Birthday Cake: Chocolate Dim Sim ($9)
Fried Wontons filled with Cheesecake – Berries and Toblerone Fondue to dip

As apart of a good mate’s 30th birthday celebrations, we were booked in a section beyond the happening area of the restaurant and bar. Separated from the murmurs of the crowd, seated at two tables for twenty and divided by a simple glass wine rack. It was a nice spot, and a great feel, it being just all of us mingling in this room. 
The servers would drop by frequently checking up on refills and menu orders as the seats began to fill up. I immediately went for the most popular drink, twiddling my fingers while I sipped away and awaited the arrival of  the rest of the guests.
1. Honey Smash ($13)
Stolichnaya Vodka, Fresh Strawberries, Raspberries, Mint, Lemon and Honey served with dashes of Gomme Syrup and a squeeze of Lime.
I could drink many more of these. I almost felt like it was a mocktail. The Honey Smash consisted of hardly-there vodka taste masked by syrup, honey and lime.
2. Liberty Dip ($11)
Ancho Pepper Hummus, Avocado Crema, Pico De Gallo, Deta, Corn Chips, Flatbread and Pita Chips
I love Foursquare. Before I made my way down the Williams Landing, I did a quick search on the application to see what I could expect in the night. It was apart of a feature, that if two people ‘checked’ themselves into Foursquare, they would receive a Liberty Dip appetizer! And this was our winner. The hummus was delicious! I was purely digging into the entirely average corn chips and boring, flatbread of no dimensions just for the hummus.
3. Salt & Pepper Calamari ($12)
Battered Calamari topped with Red Chilis and Chimichurri to dip
You can never go wrong with Salt & Pepper Deep Fried anything at a restaurant! And for this Salt & Pepper Calamari dish, the dip topped it off. It tasted almost like mayonnaise blended in with herbs.
4. Chicken Banh Mi Pizza ($16)
Shredded Carrots, Cilantro, Cucumber, Pickled Onion, Chicken and Chili
As I was asked what I was going to have for main, I did my browse through the list and was immediately drawn to the Chicken Banh Mi Pizza. It was either going to be amazing or terrible. And it was exactly that. Just terrible. Unsuited pizza base, hardly any chicken, and the ‘pickled’ veggies were just terrible. The sauce swirled on top was almost of BBQ and soy sauce. I found myself biting into the chili throughout the entire pizza to mask how atrocious the whole dish was.
5. Seafood Risotto ($22)
Shrimp, Lobster, Mushrooms and Spinach
This was delicious! And definitely heavy. The Seafood Risotto had delicious flavours of lobster, along with little pieces of lobster and mushroom in every bite. An absolute winner! But I really don’t think that it would have been that tough to not have wilted veggies bordering it.
I love how chill this place was, it was a definite happening place for the weekends. It’s great for big groups on reservation! I would say that there was very low noise-level in our sectioned off room. I would definitely have the Seafood Risotto or Fish Tacos to share for next time I head down there. I would not get adventurous and try anything else though.
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