130 Spadina Avenue 
Toronto, ON 
M5V 2L4 Canada
Cafe – Freshly baked – Brunch – Patio
There is nothing better than after a good Friday night out to crawl outside and make your way to good morning meal and discuss the events of the prior night. The sight of bread fresh out of the oven and onto the racks for the public ready to be ordered was comforting in curing our hungover selves. Seating ourselves out on the breezy patio, we sat in bliss as we waited for our orders to come.
1. Date Me ($5.99)
Almond Milk, Almond Butter, Dates, Banana, Cinnamon and Pure Maple Syrup
I understood every bit of this ingredient list, and just knew that it would be an incredible shake to slurp for breakie. But it turned out much grainier than I expected and just could not enjoy it as much.
2. Bagel Benedict ($10.49)
Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon, Dill Cream Cheese, Red Onions and Hollandaise on a Whole Wheat Bagel with a side of Sweet Potato Fries
Everything about this was perfect, and great for sharing. All of my favourites in one. Sweet Potato Fries, check. Smoked Salmon, check. Dill Cream Cheese???!!! Double check. I loved the flavours of the hollainaise sauce and cream cheese and onthe toasted bagel, all with a perfectly poached egg oozing it’s yolk all over. So damn good, I want it all over again.
Overall, of course, it was great! The food took a bit of time to arrive, but our server was fairly attentive, which was great. I can’t wait for the sunny weather to come back around again so that I could enjoy brunch at What A Bagel ever other week. The Bagel Benedict was perfect, a dish I would easily take up the offer of having again…Everyday. It is a tad more pricier, which leads to my rating of four potatoes. 
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