Freshly grinded coffee beans. I am in love with your deep aromas. The nostalgic journey that you leap through with each waft of a grind of a familiar scoop. It’s incredible. I am certainly giddy to be able to introduce a Toronto-based company to you lovely folks, Nomad Coffee Club.
Each month, coffee beans are carefully selected from local independent coffee roasters, guaranteeing your coffee being fresh and local! Nomad Coffee Club takes each coffee experience as an “adventure”, introducing a package to your door, every month.
The wonderfully packed box features their signature wax seal, an absolute charmer! The handwritten card was another delightful surprise, it’s just oozing out love and preparing you for the journey to come.
For this month, I have received the Pig Iron Coffee Roasters. The fragrance was off the charts of a beauty, we absolutely loved it! Each bag is packed with a label informing of the local grower, the bean’s flavor profile, along with it’s origin and altitude of growth. This service is a fantastic opportunity to experiment with a whole range of coffee varieties
Nomad Coffee Club is available in two subscription plans to best fit your lifestyle. These beautiful packages are also a great gift idea, I recommend it for a good ol’ coffee enthusiast, or for anybody that wants to dig deeper into their coffee roots… Or, for a special occasion like FATHER’S DAY. Yup, I have solved your Papa gift-giving dilemma (you may thank me later, once your kitchen is filled with an absolutely heavenly aroma).
Learn more about Nomad Coffee Club, check out their website here. Also, be sure to follow along on their social media pages InstagramFacebook, Twitter for regular inspiring coffee-infused updates.
And don’t think we forgot about you sly chaps, use code: MAE2015 for 10% off your next order!