Nobody could possibly propose a better place to fulfil their Indian food (or more specifically, Pani Puri) cravings, than an Indian buffet. Here at Tandoori Flame’s Mississauga location, you will be bombarded with options. This spot has 150+ food options, easily claiming the title as the largest Indian buffet in North America! And did I mention that it’s entirely halal? What a perfect fit to ultimately cater to Mississauga’s Muslim community.
The interior is definitely a work of art. The atmosphere and design is well played throughout the entire restaurant, from entrance, to seating, to the extensive buffet. It was hard to believe the amount of options that we were so overwhelmed with. I’m simply curious of the Brampton Tandoori Flame location.

Pani Puri to devour!
Look out for the Goat Stew Soup next!
IMG 1024
Assortments of Roti and Naan Breads
IMG 1046
Butter Chicken!
 I immediately attended to the pani puri for the first round, it definitely needed my loving! And it was the exact perfect chewy, tangy and crispy  combination that I’ve been longing for. A pani puri is a popular Indian street food, but at Tandoori Flame, you can diy this beauty yourself! A fried hollow shell, splashed with a tangy tamarind sauce, potato, chickpeas, mint sauce and onions.
Another favourite was the Goat Stew. The amount of flavoursome care put into this was unreal, it was easily the best goat soup I’ve ever had. We also added crisps from the Pani Puri in this. It went together perfectly.
Beautiful moats of Indian Curries divided by Basmati Rice
 My forever favourite curry will always be the Butter Chicken, and as expected, Tandoori Flame did not make any slip ups with this dish! The meats in each curry was tender and simply melted. Very nice! I also enjoyed the roti station. Here, you’re able to pick up one of many varieties of naan, or request a roti!
Tandoori Chicken, Fish Pakora & Chicken Wings
Beverages that we enjoyed along this journey were the Masala Shikanji and Signature Tandoori. No further details were listed of the Signature Tandoori, but I’d like the assume that it was fill with berries and mango. Both incredibly refreshing, the shakes were especially tasty! The dessert options are a set of adventurous ones. Featuring popular Indian sweets of Galub Jamun, Jalebi, Pantua & assorted Custards.
Tandoori Flame features a wide range of items – 150+ of them! It is a fantastic all-halal pick to fulfil all of your Indian cravings… There’s even a Tandoori Pizza! What’s great about buffets is that there’s something for everybody! The pricing is just right as well, $14~ for lunch and $20~ for dinner. There’s absolutely no going wrong.