V Lounge, one of the only hang-out places in Canley Heights for the longest time… 
29th October, 2012
I’ve been  to Vlounge numerous times and usually always get their boysenberry gelato (which is amazing.) We just finished dinner at Canley Heights Bistro and I felt like something small to snack on.
There is an option to ‘Make your own’ dessert ($10.50) – being a Crepe, Pancake or Waffle. With either four types of fillings (you can also request to substitute somethin’ for somethin’):
1. Chocolate, Strawberries or Bananas and Whipped Cream or Vanilla Bean Gelato
2. White Chocolate, Blueberries, Grated Coconut and Coconut Gelato
3. Mascarpone Cream, Blueberries, Hazelnuts and Spicy Caramelised Bananas
4. Nutella, Walnuts, Fresh Strawberries, Crushed Nuts, Grated Coconut and Nutella Gelato
Make your own Crepes and Pancakes ($10.50)
(with identical fillings of Strawberries, Nutella, White chocolate and Crumbled biscuits)
It was an incredible combination. But of course, ice cream is nice with anything!


15th March, 2013

Strolling through Canley Heights, we decided to sit at the patio at Vlounge.

1. Spicy Chicken Wings ($9.95)
This could do with a lot more meat. I love chicken wings but this was well not worth it.
2. Taro & Green Tea Latte ($7.99)
Average – a very subtle green tea/taro taste. It was just pretty to look at.

Tasty, very well presented and overpriced (for the Canley Heights area), and the thing with V Lounge is that they clearly have no thought about about service. Never any common courtesy and they are super unattentive.  Kinda ridiculous but, it’s Canley Heights, what can I expect?

Must eats:
– Their ‘Make your own’ Desserts!
– Boysenberry Gelato (My favourite!)
Eh, it can pass…: 
– Their savoury foods
(I’ve tried their peking duck pizza, chicken schnitzel, calamari, pasta and wings… each in such small portions for their price. C’mon, V Lounge.)
V Lounge 
Shop 3, 239 Canley Vale Rd 
Canley Heights NSW 
2166 Australia
(02) 9723 3492
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