The Fifth is stacked with all sorts. Literally throughout the five floors, there is The Fifth Pub House, The Fifth Grill & TerranceThe Fifth Social Club, Cabin Five and The Fifth CafeThe Fifth Social Club was actually the first club I hit up, being of drinking-age legal in Toronto. It was interesting, on one of my gigs for The Fifth, being given a brief tour throughout the whole building and seeing how all of it’s venues connected. Of their newest addition, was The Fifth Pub House.
What intrigued me the most was how a ‘pub’ fit in with the whole scene that The Fifth was pulling off – from my sister and her boyfriend’s descriptions of the Social Club, before I experienced it for myself, and at the time when it was named ‘Easy & The Fifth‘ in their age (lol), from their stories, I took it as a fancier place than most other clubs Downtown, as a crawling-from-the-Financial-District-thank-god-its-Friday-still-in-my-business-attire after-work club for 25-30 year olds. So, from this thought still in my mind, and a Yelp review on this place staring me straight in the face, I had to scope it out for myself.
Close to the Christmas Holidays, two of my mates had plans to escape (my wraith) Toronto to spend time with their loved ones. So, of course, a memorable Eating-Day was to be planned for my dear food-fanatic mate and I. 
So, our game plan of today:
First stop, at The Fifth Pub, then to Steamwhistle Brewery, observe the twinkly lights towards Yonge and Dundas, and lastly, the last super with our French Mami at The Three Brewers.
Walking through the two swinging doors, and down a few steps, to your left would be The Fifth Pub and, to the right is The Fifth Cafe. I quickly made my browse through the cafe as I awaited the arrival of my friend. After taking mental notes of: Yep, definitely coming back here. Going to try that, and that, and that; I was promptly seated. I already liked the place. The server was certainly the sweetest pea. The usual, brisk 5 minutes of catching up, then to the menu. Our aim was to only ‘snack’ to be able to prepare ourselves for tonight. Snacking is definitely not in our vocabulary, and it took us a lot to turn our heads from ordering three dishes over two. We went with a pick from the Starter, ‘Other Good Stuff’ and a pick from the ‘Sweet Treats’.
1. Tempura Pickles ($5.50)
With Dipping sauces of Red Hot and Scallion Mayonnaise
Ever since my trash-tv days and seeing Snooki rave about ‘fried pickles’ every single time, I felt at loss that I have never experienced it’s gloriousness myself. I love pickles, and I love everything fried. Tempura Pickles must be great! So, my first time ever trying fried pickles, and I liked it, but I was slightly disappointed, so many expectations built up to this moment. But, with tempura as batter, this absolutely must have been a step up in the game and a better crunch to the traditional. 
 2. Little Tasty Meatballs ($12.00)
Made with Veal and Herbs, Tomato Sauce, Sprinkled with shavings of Parmesan and Chunky Bread.
Coming with six pieces, they were not missing out on description when they said small. The Little Tasty Meatballs were tasty, but nothing special. Way overpriced for what it was.
3. Whicked Whoopie Pie ($6.00)
Made in-house – this was my first try at a Whoopie Pie, and this was nothing near what I expected. I’d prefer a much more dense cookie and much sweeter marshmallow. Nope, nope, nope.
Overall, I liked this place! I bet there are so many awesome items on the menu, it was just a bit of a miss with my go. I will definitely come here again, I would like to try their Fish Tacos and other tasty fried Starters! The atmosphere was great and held the perfect noise level to have a chat. I can’t forget about the adorable salt and pepper shakers which we went on to use at every opportunity we got.
Eh, it can pass…: 
– Little Tasty Meatballs ($12.00)
– Whicked Whoopie Pie ($6.00)

The Fifth Pubhouse
225 Richmond Street W
Toronto, ON
M5V 1W3 Canada