275 Yonge Street Toronto
Toronto Ontario
M5B 2H1 Canada
Pub food – Brewery
Unexpectedly absolutely stuffed from our free cookies and hot chocolate in Santa’s Cabin, our half Pretzels generously dipped in mustard seeds at Steam Whistle Brewing before that and our small bites at The Fifth’s Pubhouse before that, we were finished. We didn’t know how we were going to make it to our last meal, rethinking our options, which we didn’t have much of, we sucked it up and rolled across the street to chill and wait the arrival of our third mate.
It was a 10 minute wait before we were seated into a booth, which was pretty surprising considering that the pub was of three levels. Once we were seated and looking around, oh, we’re at one of these places again. Servers prancing around in all black, low tops and short skirts. The place was also noticeably loud.
I absolutely loved how their menus came on a newspaper to open up, with facts along the way. The restaurant offered the usual pub I was absolutely down for the 5-in-a-row beer samplers, but was much to full to even drink. A half hour in, and my mood still did not change. We settled with sharing a few appetizers instead. Next time, I will have you, glorious beer, and I will enjoy you.
1. Star Platter ($12.95)
Potato skins stuffed with bacon and cheese, beer-battered mozzarella cheese sticks, and spicy onion scoops. Served with sour cream and spicy dipping sauce.
The Star Platter, that’s quite a call. I was absolutely drawn by the mozzarella cheese sticks in this one, I’ve never had a good cheesestick! The first thing I went for, the most colourful. The potato skins were terrible, dry, and bland. The spicy onion ‘scoops’ weren’t anything much, they really needed a lot more seasoning in that batter. The cheesesticks were terrific though, it was elasticy, and I got a good photo out of it, heh. I was being a hoarder and saved my other cheese stick to eat last, that wasn’t a very good idea though, because by the time I got to it, it wasn’t melted anymore. Just… a hard cheesestick (yum…).
2. Chicken Wings in Honey Garlic sauce
Nothing special really, the vegetables sticks were rather dry and many pieces of the fries were still under cooked. I just like sauce, sauce was good and the same in both platters.
I try to avoid restaurants which are incredibly loud, the booth table was much too wide. Service was so-so and the food was disappointingly in most parts, below mediocre. I should have probably tried out their beer, but I don’t think I’ll be coming back here.
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