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It’s Sushi Time! At the Sixth Annual #BentoSushiHeroes Championship

  It’s the annual Bento Sushi Champion Competition! In its sixth year of this competition, Bento Sushi chefs from all over the nation are invited to create a roll. Six finalists are then stationed head to head to appeal to the likes of select judges and attendees of the big event for a $5,000 cheque….

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In Pictures: Sushi-Making at Ebisu, Toronto + Get your Free Ramen

Watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi just once did not prepare me for this moment. Be real delicate with the rice, or in my case, the sushi will end up clumped and mushed together with each bite. With the guidance of Chef Tatuka Matsuda at Ebisu, we were each able to take part in forming…

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Supersize Sushi Burrito @ Rolltation

Welcome to Toronto, Rolltation! Going down the street for a sushi roll during my lunch break is a favorite pastime of mine. I would run down the stairs and around the corner to be braced with many food options while aiming to spend $3 max a day – there would be dim sum,…

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