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How To Make Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich)

Banh mi is the best sandwich to exist, but I may be a little bit biased. There’s nothing like a fresh-baked baguette brimming with fillings. Get tips on how to best assemble the best bites!

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Mini Porchetta Roll Sandwich

Spending hours by an oven is not my preference. My most used function on the oven is the broil mode – and I’m a pro. Set oven to broil on low, timer for 5 minutes, and you have the perfect day-two fries and wings from last night’s dinner! When came the opportunity to…

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The First Japanese Fusion Sandwich Shop, Teara Lab

I have a particular eye for wasabi-heated foods and anything hit with a fusion. Introducing, the very first Japanese fusion sandwich spot to hit Toronto, Teara Lab. Spotted on College St. right across University of Toronto. the same chef of KAKA All You Can Eat Frank Liu mixes it up in the Japanese flavours with…

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