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Cheesy Baked Feta Pasta (Yes, the TikTok Trend)

I’m all for viral Tiktok food trends. They must be spreading like wildfire for a delicious reason, wouldn’t they? The tortilla Tiktok hack is easy to understand how delicious it is. I also reluctantly tried out “sour patch kid grapes”, which tasted just like the ingredients: halved green grapes and a slice of…

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The Only Roasted Garlic Tomato Pasta Recipe You Need

Let’s Make: Roasted Garlic Tomato SauceFor 8 – Recipe from the kitchen of Chef Jonathan Collins Ingredients 3L Fresh or Canned Roma Tomatoes – rinsed, stemmed and fine dice3tbsp Tomato Paste1 cup Carrots – peeled, trimmed and fine dice1 cup Celery – peeled, trimmed and fine dice1 cup Yellow Onion – trimmed, peeled and…

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Jalapeño Mac & Cheese Latkes

Although box mac & cheese is such an inexpensive pantry item, it seems like such a luxurious snack to me. Mainly because the first time I had one of these was three years ago during the period of my low-carb days. I would only have one wheat meal a week or a fortnight…

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