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Visit Spicy Mafia for Personal-sized Hot Pot

Going out for hot pot is always a very long and mindful process. Usually at 2-4 people per pot and at a premium price, we’ve got to get our moneys worth! It’s an all you can eat – give me all of the seafood you have – hand over that menu again, let’s…

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Mustard-Crusted Lamb Rack

Fresh food produce, it’s here! Apart of this “let’s eat” series, I’m making a stop at my local grocer each month to pick up the next seasonal produce in line and discovering ways to experiment with it. Saute, bake, or in a salad? There are so many methods. Let’s see how they each…

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#EmptyROM: Sights of the Dinosaur Gallery

On the last Wednesday of February, I had a delightful opportunity to discover the Royal Ontario Museum before it opened to the public for the day. For the third ever session of #EmptyROM, myself and a bunch of other ROM-lovers had a chance to wander the grounds and snap away, all so easily, with no scragglers…

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