70 Fraser Ave
Toronto, ON
M6K 3E1, Canada
Brunch/Dinner – Free WiFi – Free Parking after 5PM
 I thank Instagram for all of my glorious food finds. Brunch has become a new favourite of mine, I have accumulated quite the list of restaurants and there are just so many restaurants awaiting for myself and my food-fanatic mate to sit down to. A 17 minute walk from mine, SCHOOL Restaurant was just meant to be. We were seated within the first seven minutes, just enough time to glance over at the baked goods on display and take in how nicely put together the whole restaurant was. One of my favourite sights were Looney Tunes clips being projected overhead of the serving counter. The display of clocks along the back wall featured the same hands on each, the finishing time of school, adorable!
1. Large Coffee ($2.75)
Our menus were handed to us on clipboards, we immediately cast our eyes upon the Caramel Coconut Pancakes – which they had sold out on that day, dangit! We opted for Blueberry Flapjacks and a Basket of Baked Goods. The Basket of Baked Goods were four of whatever of our choosings, it was a lot of pressure, everything looked so dang beautiful. I confidently chose Peanut Butter Choc Chip Cookie, Good Morning Bar, Maple Scone and a Pumpkin Cheddar Muffin.

 You better be beautiful.
2. Basket of Baked Goods ($10)
Oh god… Absolutely NO regrets. I didn’t get to have a bite into the Cookie until I got home, but it was glorious. The generous chips of chocolate were delicious, a nice sturdiness of the whole cookie by the peanut butter. I would have this over and over again, every single day if the calories didn’t exist.
3.  Good Morning Bar ($3)
Sticky, wafer, nutty goodness thickly drizzled with chocolate. The Good Morning bar is beautiful. 
 4. Maple Scookie ($3)
The flavour was terrific in the Maple Scookie, and the density was perfect. The extra coating of glaze along the top gave me a bit more to look forward to.
 5. Pumpkin Cheddar Muffin ($3)
It was unexpected for this  Pumpkin Cheddar Muffin to taste so smokey. It was terrific, I loved all of it.
6. Blueberry Flapjacks ($14) 
Buttermilk pancakes stuffed with blueberries, topped with more blueberries, whipped cream, icing sugar, butter and a shooter of Quebec maple syrup
It came with four pancakes! These pancakes were fabulous – but got drenched and became soggy by the blueberry juices way too quickly. Throughout eating the whole thing, my mate and I found ourselves constantly repeating: We are definitely coming back here. There can never be a fault of the combination of soft butter, whipped cream, the perfect pancake and maple syrup. Mmmhmm!
Ready to leave, we neatly packed ours to go in paper brown bags. The theme is so well suited all around! Oh, and, the apples by each table are real! I was very tempted to take a bite out of our one just for giggles – but it was pretty battered.
I loved this place! You definitely get what you pay for – a few menu items didn’t seem very worth it, so I didn’t bother looking twice at it. Every single item we ordered was spot on, I cannot wait to go back. I am still aching to try the Caramel Coconut Pancakes and their Chicken and Waffles. I will be sure to order a basket of Baked Goods every single time.
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