Happy 2016! Boy, 2015 has flown by, I am wishing everybody a wonderful balance of life and everything they love. Starting off this year, as every one else does, I will create a reasonably healthy day-to-day eating regime, with the occasional spoil day, a few of the “eats” reads I found through my research in finding fun food to make. Enjoy this weeks line-up:


Food trends to look out for this year, on Marketing Mag: As spoken by Christine Couvelier, expect respects of “root-to-leaf” dining, in creation of a combination of wonders. The savoury yogurt idea reminds me of the delightful salt-roasted beetroot, whipped goat cheese topped with pinenuts I had at the Purple Pig in Chicago, absolutely exceptional (image).

The Poweranking of Lunchables on Lucky Peach: Ah, lunchables, the perfect compartments and D.I.Y bite-sized creations make me weak at my knees.

Ethiopian dishes that all kinds of eaters can enjoy on Buzzfeed: Upon cravings of injera, and to enlighten one self of a thing – or five – of Ethiopian food, a fine and highly visually appealing read about the extreme variety of foods that we scoop up the glorified spongy sourdough flatbread, with.

Three Thoughts on Sustainable Blogging Resolutions on The Daily Post: Breaking down those blogging resolutions based on three points of starting with a framework, continuing with where it started: community and not leaving options by creating penalties.

I’m an avid fan of Longform’s long reads list, and my Pocket is for the most part loaded with their reads based around crime and murder. Read why the Murder genre is the most popular. I’ll feature some of the most intriguing I’ve found in the next #ReaderFinds post.

Prepare for giggles with Agency holiday greeting cards on Ad Week.


Via Flickr: rkilpatrick21


Broccomole / Broccoli – Guacamole on Domestic Fits: Creating the perfect faux guac dip with Broccoli and Tofu!

Cucumber Rolls with Creamy Avocado on Pure Ella: Elegant looking hors d’oeurvres with sushi-inspired wraps without the Nori or the Rice!

Mini Corn Dog Muffins on Iowa Girl Eats: I love miniature foods.

Biting into these Fake Frites on Food 52 sounds like a dream.

A list of copycat recipes of buffalo wild wings thanks to Blender Tec.

My future kitchen will be lined with homemade flavoured oils (bonappetit).