61 Kensington Avenue
Toronto, ON
M5T 2K1, Canada
Jamaican – Takeaway – No Seating
The outside smokey grill is the biggest attraction to Rasta Pasta, it is a brilliant unintentional advertisement, all by pure attraction by the nose – they save by sending out incredible smokey BBQ Jerk Chicken scents in all directions from the store front. Rasta Pasta only leaves room for you to Takeaway, but, for a lunch deal of $5, you will be more than happy to! Located in Kensington Market, a short walk away from the also, always packed during the lunch hour, Seven Lives.
Quick service, at an awesome price! It’s a simple two step, make your order at the counter, and if your choice is Jerk Chicken, you will receive a bed of either Rice and Lentils or White Rice and Coleslaw or Steamed Veggies

 1. A bed of your choosings (Rice + Lentils and Coleslaw)
2. Flipping, picking and choosing the thigh and legs
3. Quickly chopped, in less than 10 seconds
4. The chopped up Jerk Chicken is plopped onto it’s comfy styrofoam bed, ready for a spoonful of (mysterious and mystical) Jerk sauce – always say yes!
4. Jerk Chicken Lunch Special ($4.99)
With Rice + Lentils & Coleslaw
The Jerk Chicken is the best that I’ve ever had, a great size for lunch. It is Smokey, and an absolute fall-off-the-bone goodness. So tender and delicious. The rice was an OK for me, along with the Coleslaw. The Jerk Chicken was the pure winner.
I will be back to try out much, much more of their menu. Oxtail, I am eyeing you.
Must eat:
– Jerk Chicken Lunch Special ($4.99)