612 Bloor Street W
Toronto, ON
M6G 1K7, Canada
Korean – Lunch specials
An afternoon dedicated to looking for ‘Cute stores’ around Koreatown, we started it off with lunch at Mom’s Korean Food. And yes, of course we were lured in by the $6.00 Lunch Special. Three rows of tables were lined throughout the restaurant with tables reflecting the bright, vibrant orange colour sign outside. Walking in, you’re enveloped by photographs of the possible dishes you could order and can hear and see the single cook brewing a storm just at the back. We were promptly seated and briskly given water to sip.
The Lunch Specials are available 11AM to 3PM, with 10 options to choose from:
– Four types of Bento Boxes (Pork, Chicken, Stir Fried Glass Noodle and Beef – all served with House Salad, two Dumplings and Rice)
– Three types of Soups (Pork Bone, Soon Tofu, Kimchi served with Rice cake or Noodles)
Black Bean Sauce Noodle (Noodles with Pork & Vegetables)
Spicy Rice Cake (Rice cakes with Seafood Cakes & Vegetables)
Stir Fried Glass Noodles (With Beef & Vegetables)
I ordered a Pork Bone Soup with Rice Cakes for myself and a Beef Bento Box for my darlin sister.

The sides came out shortly before our meals. I’m use to rows of side dishes, so it felt incredibly slack.

Cucumbers – Kakdooki – Pasta Salad – Kim Chi

1.Beef Bento Box ($6.00)
Traditional Korean-style Marinated Beef with House Salad, Dumpling and Rice
My sister’s Bento Box wasn’t as fun as my Pork Bone Soup at all. I encouraged her more than half the time to have a go at my lunch. Her beef was a good ol’ average with some pretty bland Dumpings.
2. Seaweed Rice Roll ($6.00)
Korean-style Seaweed Rice Roll with Beef, Carrots, Pickled Yellow Radish and Water Cress
This had a pretty high rice-to-goods ratio. The Seaweed Rice Roll was big, very filling and hardly any flavours at all!

3. Pork Bone Soup ($6.00)
Pork bone in Potato Soup with Vegetables, Korean Spicy Pepper Powder, served with Ricecake
Oh boy, now this was a winner. This was my first time having Pork Bone Soup, that was a big one for a pork-lover like me. I could absolutely smell the love as soon as it was placed infront of me. The Ricecakes were sitting at the bottom of the hot bowl, absorbing all of the flavours, just awaiting my love. I took apart the big pieces of Pork piece by piece, it fell off the bone, just as the Pork Bones in Pork Bone Soup existed in my dreams. The flavours in this were plentiful, I made the Seaweed Rolls so much more exciting by absorbing the rice with this delightful soup.
The portions were just right, and a perfect amount for sharing! The Pork Bone Soup made me feel at home, just like from my Korean Momma’s Kitchen (if I had one)! This place reminisced me so much of the restaurants in Cabramatta. I would like to come back here, for a homey meal and re-order the Pork Bone Soup and try out the Spicy Rice Cake next time around. Amazing prices for an above-satisfaction feed.

This would be three and a half to four potatoes, but I need to give it one more go!