Trudeau International Airport
Dorval, Quebec
H4Y Canada
Pub Food – Sandwiches
Groaning over the 5:30AM ungodly hour wake-up is a group effort. I narrowly snuck in thirty minutes of snooze after falling asleep awaiting my hair to dry, sitting on the over flowing chair of towels in our hotel room. It was still too dark to have my final moments taking in the beautiful view over Miami. Memories of just hours before, sitting down on a step leading up to Bayside, down the road from our B2 Hotel (most positively the worst experience at a hotel, ever, by the way). The beautiful canopy of palm trees towering above us, and hours would pass. The moment was so serene, we needed no substance to keep us at this high. It was at this moment that I decided that this is exactly what I’ve ever wanted, nights of deep and meaningful conversations, experiencing beyond my imagination.
The two hour stop-over landed us in Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. My first thought was to snatch up a plate of dirty, dirty poutine with the squeakiest of the squeaky cheese curds. After running through two food-stops, we were disappointed when we were finally told that there was no poutine served at this airport. Are you bloody kidding me? Down for eating just about anything, we headed to next first sit-in restaurant we spotted, Moe’s Deli & Bar.
We were seated with famous portraits on various chairs parallel to us. The service was lacking, and the speed of the dishes, even more. Thank golly we had a bit of time to kill.

 1. Moe’s Famous No.3 ($13)
Moe’s Smoked Meat served with Coleslaw, Pickle and Fries
2. Moe’s Caesar Salad ($15)
 3. Moe’s Buffalo Chicken Wings (8 wings/$20)
 4. Hamburger Montreal ($14)
Grilled Red Peppers and Portobello Mushroom served w/ Fried, Pickle & Coleslaw
This was a reaaal bummer. I had myself the Portobello Mushroom, always wanting to try a Mushroom sandwich. The Mushroom was hardly there, it was very thin – the dry Lettuce and super super lean (dry) beef was also disappointing. Although the Pretzel Bread looked like a real cutie, it was also dry and didn’t match it well at all.
It’s reallllll fun when you’re stuck in an airport, with the most narrow options, huh? The only grand dish here is the Smoked Meat. Absolutely. The Meat off Moe’s Famous No.3 is definitely renown for a reason. I was looking for the dang wrong thing walking into Montreal! Poutine? I need to try a Smoked Meat Sandwich again some time. Everything was below average here, otherwise.

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