445 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON
M4K 1P2, Canada
Greek – Take-out
A Gyro, the kebab of Toronto. Greek food is always of a marvelous proportion, it’s brilliant. I’ve always left a Greek restaurant stuffed, with still a bit of cash in my pocket and cheery tastebuds. Gyro is the shaved meat off the mountain of rotating pressed meat, the key to a good gyro, I’ve found, is for it to be juicy with just the right amount of fat. With shavings of meat in a pita bread, spread with Tzatziki and french fries. I’ve only had the pleasure of trying a Gyro once in Toronto, I (freakishly) disassemble everything I eat. It was a Lamb Gyro which I tried from this very place in my first months in Canada. 
I really do want (need) to branch out and try many more Greek places in this area!
 Complimentary dishes: 
1. Greek Salad ($5.50)
Oregano and Housemade Feta Cheese sprinkled over Black Olives, Cucumbers and Red Onion
The feta cheese in the Greek Salad is much softer and much less sharp than I would usually prefer.
2. Pita Bread
Pita bread with finely chopped Back Olive spread
The black olive spread I tried my last time here had much more flavour. Again, I would have liked with the Pita Bread wasn’t so hard. You can’t enjoy this very much.
 3. Greek Frites ($4.20)
Uniform cut Frites sprinkled with housemade Feta Cheese and Oregano, lightly torched
I still don’t understand the rave of Greek Frites. Average, average, average. Drenching it in tomato sauce we had side made it much more exciting to eat.
4. Pork Gyro Pita ($4.43)
Pork shaved from the Spit and served in a Pita topped with Tzatziki and french fries.
5. Mixed Grilled Platter ($17.95)
A complete platter consisting of shaved Pork Gyros,a Souvlaki stick, a Greek-style Sausage and a kebab mix of Lamb and Beef.
6. Pork Gyro Dinner Plate ($13.95)
If you’re going to get a gyro – get the lamb! Beats everything else they have.

All I really enjoyed was picking at the (hopefully juicy) pieces of gyro and dipping it into the provided delicious Tzatziki sauce. My feelings of Messini are still the same. The Greek-style Sausage was not as rich in flavour as you’d expect, and the Souvlaki, once again, failed me. Very dry and not worth coming back to. It sure did fill me up though. I like my ketchup with everything.
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