MeetFresh opened in Cabramatta around August this year. Boy was I excited when they had their grand opening, this place always had a line up at any time of the day within the first month. I believe they close at 11pm.
The first time I came here was the second day it had opened, I crept into the shop leaving with take away. The take away portion is a lot smaller than what you get when you eat in. 
The second time I came here, the weather was freezing outside, at the peak of winter, I came in for a nice catch up and treat with my friend. We ordered a mango supreme between the two of us and absolutely smashed it.
A few months later, a different friend and I were roaming around Cabramatta, impulsively deciding to head to MeetFresh after not having any idea of what to order from Burredo or Papa Roti.
 MeetFresh in the CBD of Cabramatta
 The menu goes across the wall on LCD screens infront of you and along the wall to the right of you where you order.
 We propped ourselves on the two high tables at the front of the shop. I quite like the ambience here.
 Given beepers like Cooks Hill, it wasn’t a long wait before our dessert was ready. 
Mango Supreme Crushed Ice ($8.00)
Our mountain of Mango Supreme was ready for us to chow on. Diced and mushed mangoes on top of shaved ice, some sweet white syrup and ice cream… This is definitely a dessert you should share between 2-3 people, we struggled to finish this.
The ice cream wasn’t really ice cream. It was more like cheap fluff.
By 2/3 of it, we formed a pool of unedible-ness.
The Mango Supreme is good and a treat I’ll always find myself running back to at MeetFresh. I’ve also tried their Herbal Jelly Dessert on two occasions and Taiwanese Taro Balls once, a raved dessert which I didn’t find to be very nice… Glutinous plain chewy bits were all I thought of them – mind my tastebuds. I like the Herbal Jelly because the herbal-ness gives a very nice taste, on side with any of their beans (lotus and red bean preferably), you have yourself a winner!

Must eats:
– Mango Supreme Crushed Ice ($8.00)

84 John Street 
Cabramatta NSW 
Australia 2166
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