Oh, Tumblr. Why have you built my expectations for poutine so high? After a fail entry into The Night at ROM, I just wanted a plate of greasy, tasty and fattening (but worth it) poutine to share. Heading towards House of Poutine, Lakeview was quickly suggested. Described as ‘nicer’ dining than the usual…  But, oh, nope. All sorts of wrong.
 Old school and dim-lited diner, lined with booths throughout
1. Classic Poutine ($7)
Fresh Cut Fries with Cheese Curds and House Gravy
Oh, no no no no no no no. These are a bunch of the most average fries I’ve ever tasted. So disappointing! 
2. Pulled Pork Sandwich ($11)
Served with Fries and Greens. Sandwiched in Maple BBQ Sauce with Coleslaw, Melted Havarti and Caramelised Onion in a Kaiser Bun
I really didn’t like this. The meat was not nice at all, There was no taste. Everything was just stuck together. The most flavour I got out of this was the coleslaw (which was only a special for that day). The bun was a bad match with it also.
Absolutely disappointing! I wasted in-taking a crap load of carbs for this.
1132 Dundas St W 
Toronto ON 
M6J 2Y2 Canada
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