I am going to post shortly after I go to a place – the amount of food I have yet to blog about is at 22 (And 34 from Australia…. yes I should definitely get around to it quicker).
Flooded in Uni work, I quickly got my chapter reading completed during class and rushed out an hour early to meet my sister at Eatons (who also left work early, *giggles*). A few hours of shopping, there wasn’t much for my frugal self to look twice at except for a pair of shoes from J. Crew which I’ve been eyeing for so long… (purchased for $40, down from $150!). 
We finished up our shopping, exiting Eaton Centre and it was a short turn that we arrived infront of JOEY.
I just wanted food in my stomach!  Far from expecting anything, I expected the food at this place (judging from the title) to be like a bistro. All female hostesses and servers in uniform, all tall and gorgeous! It definitely suited the feel to this restaurant. 
 It was a 20 minute wait on a Thursday evening to be seated, outdoor seating is always a winner for me!
Craving for a lemony, fizzy alcoholic drink, I looked over the drink menu for lemon lime bitters. What? There’s no lemon lime bitters! I asked my sister if she has ever tried it before… She had no idea what it was… Disappointed in Canada (strike 598394), my sister suggested that I ordered a ‘Bellini’ I shrugged, looking over the unfamiliar ingredients, and agreed.
So this Bellini….
This has got to be one of the best alcoholic drinks I’ve ever tried. It was amazing! 
Real Peach Bellini ($6.75) Appleton X/V Jamaica rum, real peach, sparkling wine and sangria 
I don’t even know what Appleton is – but this is incredible! It was alcohol with shaved ice (like a slushie) and a frozen peach slice acting as the ‘ice’ – my drink stayed cold for the whole hour – amazing!
Joey definitely had my tastebuds in a good mood.
We ordered four dishes.
1. Rainbow Sushi Roll ($13.50)
Absolute melt in your mouth… Incredible!
2. Cheeseburger Sliders with Secret sauce ($12.50)
Everything you want from a slider, pickles, cheese, nicely seasoned beef – but this bread definitely took it way beyond the finish line – it was soft and sweet, perfect for the burger. It also came with a small side of – I’m pretty sure, handmade chips – literally sliced thin and deepfried! 
3. Lobster Grilled Brie & Cheddar Cheese with Cocktail sauce ($15.50)
Ordering from the menu, I suspected this dish to be the highlight of our entire meal – not so much – with lobster you could barely recognise in each bite… But the cheese was fantastic along with the classic inside and out buttered bread.
I loved how the ketchup on side had a little home for it to sit in!
This slider. Absolutely godly.
So, 3/4 of the orders were success – I am so happy we walked into this place! I definitely want to try other parts of their menu next time. The sliders and rainbow roll will be all time definite orders on my list.

Must eats:
– Rainbow Sushi Roll ($13.50)
– Real Peach Bellini ($6.75)
– Cheeseburger Sliders with Secret sauce ($12.50)
Eh, it can pass…:
– Lobster Grilled Brie & Cheddar Cheese with Cocktail sauce ($15.50)

JOEY Eaton Centre

1 Dundas St West
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1Z3 Canada
(647) 352-5639

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