Ah, Chef’s Plate. The biggest winner with this is that there’s no more waste! But, they have a mission of their own: to redefine the way Canadians eat. This downtown Toronto-based delivery service provides pre-portioned ingredients along with recipe cards to create the dishes shown! How exciting is that? The meals switch up every week, and each week you are presented with six possible chef-designed options to choose from!
For this week, I had a diverse variety of cuisines; I spotted Korean and Mexican amongst the list! They flexibly provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, I went with one of each solely to experiment. I have never been one to ever straight off the bat go vegetarian, but since these recipes were developed by their trust chef, I had to leave my fate (or kitchen skills…) into his hands.
Each “meal” is priced at $10.95 per plate, one meal creates two dishes! There are two incredibly flexible subscription options to choose from.
My two choices? The Creole Chicken Etouffe and Golden Cherry Tomato & Feta Rustic Tart.
Orders are to be made by Wednesday to guarantee the arrival of your (grocery) box of goodies at your door on the following Monday by 6pm. I found this to be a perfect chance to have a swell activity on Canada Day!
It’s arrival: Packaging
As promised, on the Monday, a nicely sized and, slightly chilled by the touch, arrived at the door step. Inside, the produce, ingredients, along with the recipe cards were neatly arranged. The box was highly insulated with ice packs, word is that it will stay cool for up to 12 hours! Also, promising the stay fresh for 4-5 days in your fridge. Insane.
The set up: Touch & Feel
The products and ingredients of the Creole Chicken Etouffe laid out and ready for the guidance of the entirely informative recipe cards. We are spotting: garlic, okra, mushrooms, cream, rice, black eyed peas, chicken and shallot!
The Golden Cherry Tomato & Feta Rustic Tart took me by surprise. What a teensy amount! There isn’t any way that this could make two tarts. You will see in a tad. Here, we are spotting: jam, feta cheese, butter, cherry tomatoes, whole wheat flour, argula, cider vinegar and onion.

Yes, we are capable. I am capable. Chopped the onions, washed the produce, sliced the cherry tomatoes, squished the whole wheat flour, and admired the feta cheese.
Time to get makin’: I’ve Washed My Hands
A wine bottle was suggested to roll out the “tart”, what a great idea!
Looking crinkly, and I’m beginning to feel indecisive about my feelings towards you.
DSC7211  DSC7215
Arranging the sort: Caramelized onion goes first, argula in a moat, cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of feta. The final wrap is to squeeze it all together! Make sure to pinch it real tight. In the oven.
Dicing, slicing, doing things all wrong. These peppers were cut in the wrong shape! And the mushrooms are way too thick. Who’s fault was that? *mine*. The chicken is looking good though. Raised it myself.
Mixing, seasoning and adding cream. It’s magic, I tell you!
The final touch: The cider vinegar and raspberry jam to make a delightful and perfectly tangy vinaigrette. I arranged the excess arugula to make a coney bed fit for the princess & the pea.
The last touch, we added some salts for aesthetics. Because, Zyzz.
You are looking fabulous. I think after this, Okra will become my best friend.
Preparing. I am excited!
DSC7265  DSC7268
Cut it like a cake. If I received a cake like this for my birthday, I would be beyond thrilled.
A close-up, and I am in love!
The nitty-gritty: My Verdict
The Creole Chicken Etouffe was certainly a dish I could see myself carrying over with many other variations. It’s very flexible, and although we left the rice to cook for 25 minutes, rather than the recommended 15… It was perfect! Although I’ve never enjoyed okra, I certainly enjoyed the vegetable in this dish, it was very well played out.
Ah… The tart. The Golden Cherry Tomato & Feta Tart. Your simplicity amazes me! The caramelized onions acted like the protein in this dish, and it was delicious! I wanted more, and more, and more. But after two slices I was full. This was a fantastic dish and served more than enough.
I found Chef’s Plate to be an excellent way to simply get adventurous with food and try something new! It was an exciting learning experience. Although I went far beyond the suggested amount of time in preparing and cooking the dishes and made a fair amount of boo-boos, I certainly had fun creating each one. I would call these plates to be a great date night activity as well (that’s right, I got your back). For less of the cost of dining out, you can eat in, and have fun doing it! With Chef’s Plate and their extraordinarily simple and adventurous service, I would no longer have to whittle down to the repetitive request of “pasta?” “pasta.”. I am aware that Iam completely inefficient in the kitchen (instant noodles once took me an hour to serve up three people!), as long as I have a few hours to spare and am down to get adventurous, Chef’s Plate will be a definite pick!
You had questions? I did too. Chef’s Plate will swiftly answer them all, here.
For getting this far, let me bless you with a link to experience Chef’s Plate for yourself! Click here to redeem your offer to receive one meal kit (serving two!) for free on your first order.