326 Bloor St W
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2R7, Canada
Vegan-friendly – Lunch
A fifteen minute wait, packed at a lunch hour is to be expected
One of my aunty’s favourite restaurant, Fresh! Entirely vegan friendly, with an immense menu of burgers, wraps, salads and shakes – there is even ‘tempeh’ bacon (made of soy, it’s a less processed kinda’ tofu)! It’s all pretty creative, the substitutes they have going on here. I’ve wanted to visit the Queen Street West location for the longest time, but, believing all Fresh restaurants would be the same, I happily agreed to visit Fresh at The Annex.

1. Nutty Buddy ($6.00)
Almond milk, Cashew, Butter, Banana, Strawberry, Agave and Cinnamon
2. Shamrock ($6.00)
Matcha green tea, Peppermint, Banana, Agave and Almond Milk

Nutty buddy tasted like soy milk with a slight nutty taste, I could pass it up. While Shamrock was that step up! Shamrock was amazing, of almond milk with a bit of matcha and peppermint! Definite recommendation.
3. BBQ Burger ($11) 
BBQ Sauce, Quinoa Onion Rings, Garlic Mayo, Napa Cabbage, Hot Banana Chilies, Tomato & Lettuce served in a Wrap with a side of Marinated Kale Slaw.

The Quinoa Onion Rings gave a fantastic bite! You can also order a bowl of these individually ($6)! I loved the nibbles of these. It was great with the hot sauce (picture later) lined in the wrap also. The slaw was nothing special.
4. Chipotle Bacon Burger ($11)
A Whole Wheat Bun with Chipotle Mayo, grilled Tempeh Bacon, Tomato, Lettuce & Jicama with a side of Marinated Kale Slaw.

5. French Fries ($5.50)
Hand cut, tossed with mixed herbs and sea salt
6. Sweet Potato Fries ($7) 
Hand cut, tossed with mixed herbs and sea salt
Add $1 for dip – Avocado Chipotle (creamy avocado with a hint of smoky spice & citrus)

All a plain old average. The sweet potato fries are nothing of what I’ve had in the past. Soggy and unseasoned. Same as the french fries. Fresh, it can’t be that hard to get in line with Queen Street West. The Avocado Chipotle was nothing to note. I did not get any flavours of any spices, besides runny avocado.

Goat cheese on side and the fantastic (free) hot sauce.
I still would love to try the Queen Street location! An average, overpriced meal at The Annex. The only satisfaction was found in my hardly-there bites of Quinoa Onion Rings… and free hot sauce.
Must eats:
– Quinoa Onion Rings! ($6)
– Shamrock Shake ($6)

Eh, it can pass…: 
– Avocado Chipotle Sauce
– Fries… ($5.50 &$7.00)

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