Nose-to-tail dining enters The Templar Hotel, PARCAE, in the Entertainment District led by Chef Danny Hassell of Bar Buca and Chef Joseph Awad of Au Pied De Cochon. With these two Chefs in the kitchen, there is sure to be a dynamic play in the flavours of the food.  The two-storey venue provides a sense of adventure with an opportunity for guests to graduate themselves from the bar for after-work drinks from their liquor and cocktail selection, then, downstairs to the 60-seat dining area. Expect a seasonal meat-centric menu that will hold moments of discovery and absolute satisfaction, honourable items include lamb brains, braised octopus and duck ravioli.

215Cumbersome ($14), Pepper infused cazadores, lime juice, agave syrup, cucumber puree, triple sec and cilantro

4Templar ($16), Bulliet rye, luxardo maraschino, maple syrup, cherry herring, lemon juice and angostura bitters; Illuminati ($16), Gordons gin, sage lime cordial, green chartreuse and lavender foam

The cocktails were boasting in each descriptor that paired, a favourite being the signature, Templar, which was a true Old Fashioned and sweetened with maple syrup along with cherry herring.

7Horse tenderloin carpaccio, duck yolk, pickled chanterelle mushrooms and pumpkin seeds

9Braised duck ravioli topped with whipped mascarpone, tomato, hazelnut and olive oil.

6Braised octopus with purslane

8Sturgeon on bone marrow chips

Exceptional favourites: Templar cocktail, braised octopus, duck ravioli and horse carpaccio

PARCAE provides a seasonal menu that encourages regular check-ins, the space is optimal for after-work drinks and dinner, along with excellent cocktails which feature in-house made tinctures, they are sure to be revolving in the heart of the Toronto food scene. Find out more at, also keep up to date with their Instagram for regular postings of their food menu.