Category: Fry

Mini Scotch Eggs (with Quail Eggs)

Here’s my take on this gastropub fave! There’s just something special about scotch eggs, and the layers of delicious contrast. Battered with breading and wrapped in sausage – the flavor contrast biting into the crisp breading, sausage and pop of egg is incredible. I created these with quail eggs, and they’re perfect two-biters….

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Crispy Rice Paper Rolls (Cha Gio)

Meet my favourite Vietnamese appetizer that I never order. Cha gio comes in either a rice paper wrapper, or more commonly a yellow egg wrapper. The rice paper wrapper is far superior in my books. With a fry, you get that chew, and light crisp, and all the filling. You can make these rolls to your preference: all vegetarian, without taro, or a combo of everything, like I have!

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