74 Lippincott St
Toronto ON
M5S 2P1 Canada
Breakfast/Brunch – Cash only
 My third day of walking out into snowfall, I was still filled with giggles waiting at the bus stop, taking way too many macro pictures of white perfectly symmetrical snowflakes falling on my contrasted black scarf. I have no shame. It’s my first winter in over ten years, I was more than happy to share my excitement with fellow (not-so-cheerful) bus stop-waiters. 
Condensation is a hilarious thing. My first time coming out to meet a friend, it’s a bad joke walking into a warm place with glasses on. It’s truly ridiculous, as soon as I stepped into Aunties and Uncles, my glasses immediately fogged up; even after repeatedly wiping them down, my lenses would straight away cloud up again. I ridiculously wandered straight through Aunties and Uncles, basically blind, until I turned to my left and heard ‘Alice…?’.
 After a good three minutes of condensation acting up on my six degree lenses, I was finally settled, able to retain a normal conversation and, was able to see again. Wow. Remind me never to wear glasses when first meeting somebody ever again. We were seated nice and cozily by the window side, right next to the cursive ‘Aunties & Uncles’ chalked into the window, it was beautiful, the snow would glide from the sky, joining it’s pillow of friends on the sidewalks.  I snapped a few shots of our surroundings, incredible vintage finds and a lot of old school signs (I just rhymed). I was in Hipsterville.
The menu was pretty retro itself and well-fitted to the whole scene. It was both our first times here, so of course, I made the modern-aged move and yelp image-searched the items on the menu. I make myself laugh when I tell myself that I’m going to go for the lowest-carb item on the menu… which is the reason why I didn’t jump into any of the sweet options. But of course, I went into the complete opposite direction.
My mate had himself the Breakfast Tacos, and I went for the Breakfast Pocket.
 1. Breakfast Tacos ($8.75)
Scrambled Eggs with Pinto Beans, Cheddar, House-made Chorizo Sausage, and Cilantro Sour Cream on Soft Corn Tortillas

2. Breakfast Pocket ($8.75)
Scrambled Eggs, Peameal Bacon, Cheddar, Tomato, and Caramelized Onions with Dijon and Aioli on Focaccia
A party started in my mind as soon as a heard the word ‘Pocket’, I was pretty sure I made the right decision. All that ran through my head was a soft, microwaved bun with a nice melting of cheese filling… But after our dishes came out, my Breakfast Pocket certainly wasn’t as exciting as the title made it to be. And, I may just get egged for this, but I really do not understand the hype about Peameal, I don’t like it at all, I don’t even know why I ordered this. The whole assembly made me want to stretch out onto the wooden table and snore. Expecting it to be the winner, the Focaccia bread really wasn’t any fun either.
After being incredibly bored of my Breakfast Pocket, I had myself wishing that I ordered the Breakfast Tacos, and was ogling my buddy’s Sour Cream sauce a lot of the hour. I should have ordered Hash Brown as a side. What was I getting at trying to be healthy? Good joke, Alice.
Their sandwiches fall at the $7~9 price points, while the sweet dishes are at $7~.
Aunties & Uncles would not be my first choice for brunch, it was below average for me. But, if there is a next time around upon invitation, I would order myself a Grilled Brie (with Pear Chutney and Walnuts) Sandwich (with hashbrowns) ($8.25) or Cinnamon French Toast ($7.50). The server wasn’t too shabby, but they do split bill, which makes life a lot easier.
– Only cash
– No Wi-Fi (my love)

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