#Azurelicious, with Azure Restaurant & Bar | A Summerlicious Tasting

The weather is warmer, and Summerlicious is ready to spring our way! Over two weeks, restaurant-goers can explore the three-course prix fixe lunch and dinner options that are offered from more than 220 restaurants across Toronto, let’s make this an adventure!

Entering Azure Restaurant & Bar through InterContinental Toronto Centre, “luxurious” automatically stems your mind as the open perspective of Front Street through the floor to ceiling glass windows welcomes your sight. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Azure Restaurant & Bar can be seen to be enjoyed for all occasions.

Although Azure Restaurant & Bar is my very first visit of Summerlicious 2016, I can already say that it’s leading by quality, portions and value. Excitement that I can share to all visitors, the lunch ($28) and dinner menu ($48) offer the same items shown, prices include tax and gratuity.

View the promotional video about Azure Restaurant’s Chef Shawn Whalen’s talking about his inspiration for Summerlicious 2016 (I had the chance to be among the giggling crowd of diners).

Before you see my pictures, have a look at the online menu and summerlicious menu itself, the descriptions are mouth-watering!

The food enjoyed throughout the evening was phenomenal to say the least. From beginning to the end, Chef Shawn WhalenChef Grace Di Fede uses seasonal ingredients to make contemporary Canadian cuisine shine. What had me in awe was the vodka & lime spiked tomato soup as chilled tangy soups are always a favourite of mine, the glazed duck breast – so moist, tender and full of sweet flavours, and surprisingly, each of the desserts, with a special shoutout to the peaches ‘n cream cheesecake.

Azure Summerlicious Tasting (2016)

Azure Summerlicious Tasting (2016)
complimentary bread, oven-roasted flatbreads of sesame, cheddar, cornmeal and onion

To Start

Azure Summerlicious Tasting (2016)
vodka & lime spiked tomato soup, with smoked cheddar brioche -12
Azure Summerlicious Tasting (2016)
leaves of arugula & compressed watermelonradicchio + frisée + feta + pine nuts + passion fruit vinaigrette -14

The main

Azure Summerlicious Tasting (2016)
dillion’s rye bbq glaxed duck breast, peach & cucumber salsa + wheat berry salad + cilantro yogurt -29

Azure Summerlicious Tasting (2016)

Azure Summerlicious Tasting (2016)

Azure Summerlicious Tasting (2016)
pan seared pickerel, potato darphin + ratatouille + macadamia + red chili pesto -28

To Finish

Azure Summerlicious Tasting (2016)
limoncello cherry pie, sweet crust, red currant gelato & crème anglaise
Azure Summerlicious Tasting (2016)
peaches’n cream cheesecake,  lavender short bread with orange blossom meringue & blood peach purée + chocolate s’mores parfait, lindt milk chocolate mousse with mallow, graham crumble & caramel

Azure Summerlicious Tasting (2016)

Azure Restaurant & Bar
225 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2X3
Website | @ICTorontoCentre

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