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Make This Easy 5-Ingredient Spicy Korean Rice Cake Snack!

Meet spicy Korean rice cakes I would walk nearly a kilometre during the winter in -20 weather for a taste of these freshly grilled Korean rice cake skewers at Yonge & Finch. It’d be a rough walk, but I knew it’d be worth it every time. One order for $1.50, and worth every…

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Easy Vegetable Samosas (using Egg Roll Wrappers)

Last week, I made cha gio (Vietnamese fried rice paper rolls), and picked up a package of egg roll wrappers on that same grocery trip as a back-up should the rice paper rolls go wrong. Fortunately, the cha gio turned out flawlessly! And unfortunately, the egg roll wrappers brand that I used (Wing’s)…

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The Only Roasted Garlic Tomato Pasta Recipe You Need

Let’s Make: Roasted Garlic Tomato SauceFor 8 – Recipe from the kitchen of Chef Jonathan Collins Ingredients 3L Fresh or Canned Roma Tomatoes – rinsed, stemmed and fine dice3tbsp Tomato Paste1 cup Carrots – peeled, trimmed and fine dice1 cup Celery – peeled, trimmed and fine dice1 cup Yellow Onion – trimmed, peeled and…

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