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30 Years of Craft Beer – Big Rock Celebrates with Ontario Brewery Opening

With over 30 years of brewing experience, Big Rock Brewery is known to step outside of the comfort zone when innovating with beer recipes. One of their first brews was crafted in Calgary in 1985, Traditional Ale, an English style Brown Ale. Today, it remains one of their most popular beers. It has…

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Celebrate Kingyo’s 3-Year Anniversary

Vancouver appears to be the breeder of these blossoming Izakaya spots, with Zakkushi, Guu (Now, Kinka Izakaya) and Hapa Izakaya also caving the way. Unlike the earlier three mentioned Izakayas, Kingyo presents a brightly lit and spacious dining area with low bustle with hot foods ready to order and chilled dishes to your taste….

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