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Onigiri Jasmine Rice (3 Fillings)

Making rice even tastier, with onigiri! Onigiri is a popular three-bite snack in Japan; iconically seen as triangular-shaped rice balls embellished with a rectangular seaweed strip. The onigiri is stuffed with savoury fillings. The rice ball can be seared, rolled in sesame or finished with seaweed. I created three varieties of this recipe…

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Toronto | Jinya Ramen Bar

Coming in from the states, Jinya has landed in Toronto as the newest Ramen bar addition. With juicy kaarage chicken and sake overpours, I’m welcoming Jinya with open arms! Everything is made in-house from scratch. You’ll be slurping quality from the broth to the toppings. I made my visit on an evening hosted by…

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