869 Queen Street West 
Toronto, ON
M6J 1G4 Canada
Southern BBQ – Queen West

For the weeks leading up the their Grand Opening, I would often take the initiative to walk onto the South-side of Queen Street home just to peep into Smoque N’ Bones. The day finally came, but I was in the wrong side of North America. I am now here, and ready to join the frenzy that Chef Alex Rad had lit up of his new joint. A Southern-style Barbecue joint is exactly what Queen Street needed
Real excited for a fine Southern-style grub with three Beauts of mine, Dianne, Nance and Emika. Starting, off our meal, we needed a cheer with our pints of Samuel Adams (also to be captured). It’s great to see such a delicious lager on tap. I do hope that Samuel Adams is presented to many more restaurants in the future, because this would be my immediate beer of choice over any other commercial brand on tap. It held the perfect thick texture, was low in carbonation, held some fruity notes and was slightly hoppy
Glug, glug, glug. TGIF!
 1. Chicken Wings in Crazy Hot Sauce ($9.90/lb) 
With Blue Cheese Dip
2.Sweet Potato Waffle Fries ($5.90)
With Ketchup
3. Popcorn Shrimp in Moonshine Batter ($10.90)
With Spicy Cocktail Sauce

The Chicken Wings were nicely coated in the right level of spice of ‘Crazy Hot Sauce‘, slightly sticky with a tasty Blue Cheese Dip. I would have wished for thicker Waffle Fries to completely appreciate the cut of Sweet Potato. The Sweet Potato Waffle Fries cooled down fairly quickly, a much more exciting Ketchup Sauce would have been a lot more fun.
4. Cobb Salad ($12.90)
With Egg, Bacon, Chicken, Avocado & Blue Cheese Dressing
This was a great price for a large and tasty Cobb Salad. The Blue Cheese Dressing and Avocado Slices truly brought this salad dish together. I would have liked it if there were more pieces of Bacon.

 5. Beef Brisket Sandwich ($11.90) 
With Brazed Cabbage and Chips
This was too awesome! I loved the Toasted Soft Bun and brilliant pieces of Beef Brisket.
6. Mac ‘N’ Cheese ($3.90)
7. Baked Beans ($3.90)
8. Southern-style Candied Yams ($3.90)
9. 1lb Spicy House Sausage ($14.90)
The Mac N’ Cheese wasn’t anything notable, very average. Baked Beans the same, and Candied Yams were one of the best I’ve ever had! A great side. I was most excited for the Spicy House Sausage, but it really wasn’t anything special, tough pieces, we didn’t finish it.
Word on the block is that they will begin introducing a Brunch Menu in June 2014, I am looking forward to starting off my day with a legit meaty-meal. Their Racks of Ribs and many, many Cocktails do also spike my curiosity for a second visit. Each dish was perfect to pair with my new lager-fave, Samuel Adams as well. Nicely presented throughout, it suited the Southern-BBQ feel well. Our dishes were slow to arrive but this was understandable as they tried to figure out their order-priorities. Extra time just meant (less pictures on my camera and) spending a longer amount of time with my darlings, which was great!
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Photo credit: Jeffrey Chan