Little Italy/Portugal Village 
188 Ossington Ave 
Toronto, ON 
M6J 2Z7 Canada
Asian/Chinese/Japanese/Thai – Lunch Special – Dinner

My first being ‘Wraps’, my second favourite word is ‘Lunch Prix Fixe’. With two so close by me, I don’t make very frequent visits to them at all. My first pick has always been Libretto Pizza by Dundas and Ossington, the new winner, and change up from the consistent Italian flavours, is Bazarajust across Libretto, with their nicely done Asian Cuisine.
The restaurant was very well-lit, it had a very casual Asian-feel. I declared this as a perfect local spot for a catch-up lunch, I am a sucker for comfy booths! Our dishes came out slowly, but they were so well-plated and were of spectacular value, I soon forgot. There were so many beautiful menu choices that I had a tough time choosing, our choices were one (or, two in our case!) of each of the three courses. The first course begins with a Salad or a Soup, and the two following are either Sushi, Dumplings or a traditional Asian with rice. The Lunch Prix Fixe menu can be viewed here.

Regular menu prices are also affixed to emphasize the spectacular value (might it be of smaller proportion, but nonetheless) that Bazara provides.
1. Hot and Sour Soup ($5)
2. Thai Mango Salad ($8)
I am one of the odd ones that does not appreciate a Hot and Sour Soup – but my sister found this to be a delight and has ordered it at each of her visits. The Thai Mango Salad is very refreshing and a nice way to start off the three course meal.
3. Spicy Salmon Roll
Soy Sauce is served from a Teapot – I really like the presentation here! The Spicy Salmon Roll was very tasty and fresh. The Tempura bits were also over-sized and had be reminiscing of Rice Bubbles, this should be any restaurant’s standard for adding Tempura bits! They were a real charm.
Shredded Carrot complimentary – ‘Rice Bubble’ Tempura bits
4. Spicy Crispy Beef ($13)
Hold up. This was spectacular! Beef that has been marinated, deep-fried, and drenched in another helping of sweet sauce. The Spicy Crispy Beef was very addictive, I guiltily restricted myself from eating so much of it. There was a small amount of rice sprinkled with Seaweed flakes, but the amount was perfect in assisting my portion-control… Hardly Spicy, but I don’t believe that it needed it anyway.
5. Volcano Roll ($10)
Tuna, Salmon, Avocado, Caviar, Spicy Mayo & Tempura bits
This was frustratingly pleasing both aesthetically as well as against my taste buds. Think the Spicy Salmon Roll, but bigger, and with goodies of Tuna, Caviar, Spicy Mayo and even mooore Tempura bits! It was large and very tasty. The antennas in the first pic are noodles, cute!
I felt like I was ripping Bazara off, walking away with a three-course lunch meal for $15. Each dish was fresh, very nicely presented and of generous proportions. I am so thrilled to be able to share such a great find! Will be a definite lunch-time visit in the future.
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