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Pan-Seared Potato Bites

Buying a bag of potatoes is a commitment, let me tell you. Extending onto my sheperd’s pie recipe, another potato addition is hash! Boy do I love hash. This is now a new series: “What To Do With That Bag Of Potatoes (Before It Grows Spores)“. Influenced by an incredibly delicious plate of diced potatoes cooked…

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Super Easy Sheperd’s Pie

I absolutely love pies, from the very first peel to the last… And digging into the pastry bottom strip by strip. A pastry-free pie seems about right to me, as it’s quicker and easier with all the same delicious fillings. After oogling a fellow diner’s order over lunch last week, the gently broiled peaks of…

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Let’s Eat: Persimon Tapas, 3 Ways

As the weather gets chillier, it’s prime time to grab a box of Persimons. Through mid-October to December, these orange gems are the perfect way to sweeten a meal or enjoy on it’s own. Persimmons come in many assortments. The stump tomato-shaped and large leafed one we are all familiar of sighting is…

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