It’s… Torta Time! Mexican Sandwiches at Fonda Lola

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#ElLunch at @FondaLola

Fonda Lola for #ElLunch [May 5th 2016]

Lunch time? Torta time. Have you ever had yourself a Torta? In English terms, it’s a Mexican Sandwich and it’s a new one in my books. Fonda Lola has introduced their #ElLunch Tortas especially on their lunch menu – filled with authentic flavours of Mexico… there’s the classic braised pork shoulder, to a candied jalapeno bacon! I’ve always loved the rich flavours and meddle of fresh ingredients at Fonda Lola, without a doubt I did not doubt any of their nine combinations.

To start, we had to have the classic cocktail, a Margharita. We enjoyed the Citrus Margarita which consisted of freshly squeezed citrus of three sorts: Lime, orange and grapefruit with 2oz of (always 100% agave) tequila. Oh – and we coincidentally made our visit on Cinco De Mayo day, what a  way to rejoice and make a cheers for Mexico’s step towards independence after the outnumbered Battle of Puebla in 1862.

Fonda Lola for #ElLunch [May 5th 2016]

Fonda Lola for #ElLunch [May 5th 2016]
Gluten-free gordita, corncake stuffed with beans, topped with avocado / fried egg, cream & arugula salad – 6
Looking for gluten-free? The gordita is a gorgeous taco substitute. I was initially sceptical but absolutely curious, presented with vibrant colours of a corncake stuffed with beans and topped with avocado / fried egg, cream & an arugula salad. Use your hands and take a bite, it’s meant to be dived straight into – the creaminess of the avocado and combination of savoury beans and tart cream tied these bites all together.

Fonda Lola for #ElLunch [May 5th 2016]

On come the tortas and we are psyched for these chumps, four were tasted this afternoon.

  1. Torta de Candied Bacon: Candied jalapeno bacon w. eggs, beans, mayo & arugula -7
  2. Torta de Cochinita Pibil: A classic Mayan dish of pork shoulder braised in Pibil – 9.50
  3. Steak & Cheese Torta: Black beans, avocado, onions, bell peppers, steak & cheese – 11
  4. Chicken Torta: Chicken in adobo sauce, beans, avocado and a touch of butter – 10.50

Out of the four, I admired the candied bacon combination for a lighter start. I may also be biased on that as I am a major fan of Fonda Lola’s candied bacon, a love that I discovered during their brunch and it’s absolutely incredible – it was garnished on the rim of my caesar and the carmelized chew was perfection! I loved the flavours of each sandwich, the cochinita pibil was a true classic and the sauces were perfect; the steak and cheese was rich and chunky; but if it was a saucy and comforting kind of day, the chicken torta would be my number one pick of all – avocado is a perfect match in this.

Fonda Lola for #ElLunch [May 5th 2016]
Tortas, Steak & Cheese and Chicken
Fonda Lola for #ElLunch [May 5th 2016]
Torta de Cochinita Pibil, A classic Mayan dish of pork shoulder braised in Pibil
Fonda Lola for #ElLunch [May 5th 2016]
Tortas, Candied Bacon, Cochinita Pibil & Chicken with Home Fries
 Another margarita to go with our #ElLunch discoveries at Fonda Lola – recommended was the kombucha margharita which is noted to have a “life change not included but encouraged” – the descriptions on their menus always gives me a good chuckle. This margarita is definitely unique as it has a horchata mixed with citrus and rose kombucha, a gorgeous looker and smooth sipper!

Fonda Lola for #ElLunch [May 5th 2016]
Kombucha Margarita, Citrus Margarita base w. smoked Horchata & Kombucha $14
Fonda Lola for #ElLunch [May 5th 2016]
Churros, with cajeta foam – $6
 And lastly, a meal at Fonda Lola is not complete without their churros. It’s my all-time-favourite place to get churros in the city. I do it all for the cajeta foam served on side, which is a goat milk caramel whipped cream.

Another wonderful time at Fonda Lola, I thoroughly enjoyed their new additions of tortas for a lunchtime pick, the Mexican flavours burst and warm your heart. You’ve also got to make their brunch next on your list… Check out this post for my experience. Or make your visit for dinner, I can never say no to tacos!

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