463 Dundas St West 
Toronto Ontario
M5T 1G6 Canada
Chinese – Take out – Special: $1.88/dish
Two levels, average sized

Without a doubt, Rosewood Chinese Cuisine is my favourite place for Yum Cha Downtown! I’ve only tried three other places, but, I found this place to be a definitely go-to for my Yum Cha feed, and not to mention – it’s $1.88/plate on weekdays (correct to date – 9AM-4PM, I believe – except on Holidays though). Okay but with tax, it’s $2.00. Still a bargain, but I hate tax.

I’ve eaten here many times, and a majority of the time, the dishes are consistent. It is always busy and there is always a serious lack in service. You will have to ask for a glass of water three times.
I only go at the hours that dishes are going for $2.00, even though you know that, I’m going to have to emphasize the prices of these dishes. Be jealous.
1. Deep Fried Taro & Pork Dumpling ($2.00)
I like this one! I love the crispy breading on the exterior. A bit of an odd ratio going on here, I felt more pork going on than taro. I’m use to having these be complete taro, so it is odd to have bites of pork in there but, I also see it as a good treat!
2. Deep Fried Meat & Shrimp Dumpling ($2.00)
There is less stuffing in here than expected. You’re mostly biting into the chewy white glutinous bits.
3. Braised Chicken Feet with House Sauce ($2.00)
I’d prefer my chicken feet to be more falling-off-the-bone type, absolutely drenched and soggy in sauce, but, it’s not. Still very satisfying though! Great flavours.
4. Five Spices Beef Tendon ($2.00)
Mine and my sister’s fave! I am always craving this. Greatest guilty pleasure. They give a generous amount, always being enough and it is always an absolute melt-in-your-mouth. I want it now. Great flavours of those of the chicken feet, but slightly sweeter.
5. Seafood & Conpoy Dumplings in Soup ($2.00)
This is a delight to order and share between two. It’s well suited for a mid Yum Cha munch. One big dumpling with tastes of pork and conpoy flavoured soup! It is super tasty with a small drizzle of red vinegar which is served on side.
6. Sticky Rice with Assorted Preserved Meats ($2.00)
The Sticky Rice they serve here is excellent! You cannot go wrong. Such great flavours.
7. Meat & Oyster in Beancurd Rolls ($2.00)
Yum! You must know exactly how this tastes. It is perfect, with the well suited bite of beancurd drenched in it’s oyster-fragrant sauce, and the generous bite of meat & oyster inside.
8. Baby Cuttlefish in Curry Sauce ($2.00)
Any Curry Cuttlefish that I now eat will never beat La Casita (Chinese Eatery). Average.
9. Crispy Shrimp Rolls ($2.00)
I don’t usually like rolls like these, but this is great! The perfect chewiness with a single shrimp laid inside.
10. Five Spices Squid Tentacles ($2.00)
I cannot do a Yum Cha trip at Rosewood without these. But this time around, it was a bit of a miss. It tasted a lot like chicken salt. Boo. They should really take a page from La Casita.
11. Shrimp & Chives Dumpling ($2.00)
Tastes fresh! Great filling, can’t go wrong.
12. Shrimp Dumplings ($2.00)
These are always a bit thicker than I prefer them. The filling was great though.
13. King Mushroom & Snow Pea Leaves Rice Rolls ($2.00)
14. Shrimp Rice Rolls ($2.00)
These two have their good and bad days. Cross your fingers to get a fresh one.
15. Fried Dough Stick Congee ($2.00)
Good old congee! Fantastic as usual.
16. Steamed Chinese Brocolli ($2.00)
17. BBQ Pork Buns ($2.00)
Very filling. I don’t like having buns for Yum Cha – but this is such a great deal! $2.00 for three buns! And it’s very well made. Great flavours and density, a great nibble!
18. Baked Flaky Egg Tarts ($2.00)
Smaller than what I’m use to, but it is the perfect size to gulp down after being stuffed from a heavy Yum Cha meal. 
19. Pork Dumpling with Caviar ($2.00)
This was super tasty!
20. Black Bean Beef Short ($2.00)
Slack and chewy. More meat please!

21. Minced Beef/Cilantro Rice Rolls ($2.00)
Came just at the right time, these were so soft and fresh – probably because it’s one of the lesser ordered dishes, tasty!
22. Pan Fried Pork Dumplings ($2.00)
Good ol’ good ol. Expected flavours, average and filling.

23. Shanghai Pork Soup Dumplings ($2.00)
Tad tough, way too chewy – I wouldn’t order this again.

I have also tried:
Five Spices Beef Offal & Turnip ($2.00)
Loved the pieces of turnip in this! The sauce was also terrific. The offal wasn’t great though. There were purely only pieces of tripe, and it wasn’t soft as you would expect. Felt kind of rough.
Meaty Sticky Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf ($2.00)
What did I say about Sticky Rice! It is delicious here, in all sorts.
Baked BBQ Pork Buns ($2.00)
Great! Soft Chinese-Bakery type of bun with delicious BBQ Pork filling.
Chilled Mango Pudding ($2.00)
I can pass on this.
Chicken & Ginger on Rice ($2.00)
Overwhelming flavour of a weird sweet ginger taste. I’ve only tried this once.
I will definitely update with anymore pictures I have of the above!
Rosewood is an all rounder, great! My definite go-to, as it is fantastic value – being only two dollars a dish! And it is way tastier than I’m use to, it must be the best for Yum Cha around town.

Must eats:
– Five Spices Beef Tendon ($2.00)
– Meaty Sticky Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf ($2.00)
– Black Bean Beef Short ($2.00) 
– Shrimp & Chives Dumpling ($2.00)
– Crispy Shrimp Rolls ($2.00)
– Meat & Oyster in Beancurd Rolls ($2.00)
– Seafood & Conpoy Dumplings in Soup ($2.00)

Eh, it can pass…: 
– Chicken & Ginger on Rice ($2.00)
– Five Spices Beef Offal & Turnip ($2.00)
– Black Bean Beef Short ($2.00)
– Shanghai Pork Soup Dumplings ($2.00)

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