Sushi Xtra, Entertainment District

423 Queen St West
Toronto Ontario
M5V 2A5 Canada
Japanese – Specials – Sushi
After our chill hour at DavidsTea, with an hour and 15 minutes til’ 4PM, we made our way across the wet road to Sushi Xtra. The board shouting Happy Hour was beaming throughout my walk towards the door. I love Happy Hour. Sushi Xtra has half price sushi (with the full-priced total coming to $20/pp) on Saturday and Sundays 12PM~4PM.
At 2.30PM on a Saturday, without a wait, we were seated. I think it’s a ‘thing’ that servers at Sushi  Restaurants in this area don’t know how to pep up a bit. Menus placed and green tea set infront of us while we decided on what to order. 
 I’m always a bad-luck first-timer, so I allowed my mate to go for whatever she pleased. The full-priced bill has to be under $20/pp for it to become half price. It landed at $38.40-ish, pro.
 1. Hawaii Roll ($7.99)
Mango, salmon, fish eggs, avocado and mayo
I could do well without the hard mango. Or, completely pass on this dish. A good ol’ average for me.
2. Fire Salmon Dragon Roll ($9.99)
Shrimp tempura, avocado and salmon roll topped with white fish 
This was probably just my favourite because, you can’t go wrong with so much mayo drizzled on top. It was super creamy and a fantastic combination. I liked every bit of this, the fish on top was a great addition, and the crunch of my favourite ever, shrimp tempura was brilliant. 
3. Seaweed Salad ($5.95)
I really liked the crisp, watery bites of iceberg lettuce with the average seaweed salad plated up. I definitely wouldn’t go to this place at a non-happy hour.
4. Ginger Wasabi Roll ($8.50)
Ginger and wasabi seaweed wrapped with salmon
The salmon wrapped sushi was definitely a change. This was actually my first time having pickled ginger incorporated into my sushi, so I was hesitant on this one, but it ended up well. A much more ripe avocado is preferred, and the salmon, which probably wasn’t the freshest, but it was a nice difference.
5. Shrimps & Vegetables Tempura Appetizer ($5.95)
I have never bitten into such fat pieces of Shrimp Tempuras, but I’m not complaining, it was great! They were massive and very satisfying. I’d have expected the same generousity with the vegetable pieces though, but that wasn’t the case. Each piece was very slim and didn’t give as nice as a tasty bite for me as the Shrimp Tempura did. With four pieces of shrimp and three pieces of vegetable (yam, carrot and zucchini), I think I’d be better off ordering just the Shrimp Tempura.
Must eats:
– Shrimp Tempura ($5.95)
– Fire Salmon Dragon Roll ($9.99)
Eh, it can pass…:
– Hawaii Roll ($7.99)

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophie says:

    All the rolls look so good!


  2. Alice Phan says:

    I had it again today – so good! It's such a great deal for half price too. I took some to-go, and Brandon loved it ☺.


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