Buskerfest 2013 (22-25th August)

Buskerfest! A free-entry public event in support of Epilepsy Toronto. Buskers worldwide come down here to win the love of downtown-goers for four days once a year in the month of August. After my third day at Buskerfest, I made a mental note to myself to keep my camera in my pocket to get some good ol’ random snaps that I may happen to walk by, and these were the results. I had great fun, watching snippets of acts and watching people enjoy themselves.
 I would totally get that $2 Balloon Bracelet Monkey….
1. Traditional Medium Poutine ($6.00)
 Sweet as! And a not… so great poutine. Look at that lot of oil in the corner! My throat felt raspy after this.
2. Small Choc & Vanilla Twist Cone ($3.00)
 My faaaaaaavourite throughout the whole event! They were there everyday! A knight and his three dragons!
3. Roasted Sweet Corn on the Cob with Butter ($3.50)
This was inCCccreDDdidible (I had to do that). So delicious. And I love that pun! I didn’t end up using any corn-diments (:p) though. I definitely need to try their Roasted Yams if this alone was amazing…
4. Funnel Cake with Icing Sugar and Chocolate Syrup ($6.00~)
I expected this to taste a lot sweeter. But it simple tasted like deep fried pancake batter!
The Annoying Orange stickers being distributed were orange-scented! 
I love the look of busy Downtown Toronto in the evening.
Thank you for a pleasant few days Buskerfest! Let me leave you with this beautiful picture of my funnel cake and the banner in the backdrop (now, just imagine how I was taking this picture…..).

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Christine says:

    Wow! I shouldn't be surprised that Buskerfest in Toronto is much better than the one in Ottawa, but I am. Looks like it was a blast!


  2. Sophie says:

    Looked so fun! And all the foods looked amazing, especially the funnel cake 😀


  3. Alice Phan says:

    I was there for all four days, and it was so exciting to see everything, even though it was the same thing everyday! I loved everyone else's excitement for all the acts!


  4. Alice Phan says:

    Wish you were there for me to share the goodies with! The funnel cake is one that you have to try, once in your life sis!


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