When in Montreal: Au Pied De Cochon

My desire to visit Montreal all began with the curiosity of duck-in-a-can. It was an indescribable thrill as we made Au Pied De Cochon our very first meal. But little as I knew of any French, the words directly translated to “To the Foot of the Pig”. With that, all expectations of gluttonous and rich menu items are sure to become present in every order… But we were totally not expected of what was to come.

Au Pied De Cochon

Au Pied De Cochon was a brisk 14-minute walking distance from our AirBnB which gave us the perfect opportunity to explore the neighbourhood along the way. With the streets being unfamiliar, and one-too-many photo opportunities arising, we ended up getting to our reservation 5 minutes after. Seated by the front entrance, we enjoyed the airy breeze and took our first skim over the menu.

The menu was sorted into five meaty categories of foie gras, poultry, bison/veal/beef, cochon and fish/seafood. It was sure a hard pick, we didn’t know what to anticipate and were basing the sizing on our past experiences. We decided to go with one curious appetizer, a foie gras dish and a pork to share, then we will decide on additional items after those.

The beers were an easier pick for the both of us – and at a very friendly price of $6 each. I went for the Pied De Cohon, and Arp, the Cidre Mystique.

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