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3 Ways To Peach!

Peach season is here! I enjoy eating peaches and nectarines in one of two ways, either as is, or dipped into a mix of chili & salt. Coming up with a way to use these peaches that required more than two steps was a bit of a pickle for me. Of course, I…

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Corn Tortillas & Beef Taco Meat

Any way to enjoy a meal with my hands, I’m into it. Loaded zesty tacos rank second on the experience list! Driven by a bag of 15 limes on sale, tonight’s dinner included homemade tacos– tortillas included. I lugged a 2-kilogram bag of maseca corn flour home from Walmart about a year ago,…

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Peach Two Ways — Peach Salsa & Peach Mojito

Fresh food produce, it’s here! Apart of this “let’s eat” series, I’m making a stop at my local grocer each month to pick up the next seasonal produce in line and discovering ways to experiment with it. Saute, bake, or in a salad? There are so many methods. Let’s see how they each…

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