In Toronto: So Long, Cherry Blossoms!

As expected, the thrill of cherry blossoms gracing Toronto was short-lived! I’m usually not one to go out of my way for these planters, but since I had a free Monday to diddle-daddle I went out of my way to go to High Park! And luckily for us, it was the very first day of bloom! There were a sea of people in every direction at 3PM — everyone else had the same idea for a visit (doesn’t anyone have work?!). The only way that I could capture these puffles was by shooting at the sky. I very quickly lost interest. I don’t quite understand the amusement of these, but it took a 20-minute walk into High Park to find these so it was mandatory that I just enjoy the sight.

Next time, I’ll instead be conveniently at U of T or Trinity Bellwoods to join in on the cherry blossom hype.

High Park Day, April 2017High Park Day, April 2017High Park Day, April 2017 High Park Day, April 2017High Park Day, April 2017

(This may or may not be my summer house available now on airbnb)

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  1. Rini says:

    I think you would need to go somewhere like Japan to be really wowed by cherry blossoms. The ones in High Park are too spaced out, but I guess that gives people room to take pics. We both know how crowded it is during cherry blossom season. Lol

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    1. Alice says:

      Right, it’s is all about going to Japan! Like in anime, when the sakuras are fluttering off the branches and floating around you — that’s what I want to see! Not getting it here, maybe just a new facebook cover, lol.

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