Halal Guys Brings the Sauce to Toronto

Hello, Halal Guys! Us Torontonians have welcomed you with open arms, with forks in hand. A trip to New York is no longer needed, well, for one less reason. As anticipated, the very first Toronto flagship location at Yonge & Wellesley is drawing lines, wrapping all around the block.

I’ve heard all of the great things of the OG Halal Guy‘s white sauce, many of which people all over Instagram would haul back home extras from trips to New York! I pinched a packet, flipped it over and, it’s an astounding 330 calories per packet… But, the glory, oh all the delicious glory that goes with each rice scoop and chip that’s infused in it. Just beware of the spicy sauce! I highly advise that you get it on the side because anything it touches will be tainted completely.

There’s one type you must get, the classic Combo Platter that’s guaranteed to keep you stuffed until dinner. It’s the best of both worlds: chicken and beef gyro – medium ($9.99) and large ($12.99). Loaded with options of sauces between hummus, tahini, barbeque, spicy and white sauce. Toppings include black olives, white onions, jalapeno, green peppers and tomatoes. Wraps can be served with either chicken or beef gyro ($7.99).

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Address: 563 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario




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