Lobster Burger Joy, The Carbon Bar

99 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1S1
thecarbonbar.ca | @thecarbonbar

Carbon Bar, Queen East - Lobster Burger

It’s been a month of lobster-fine things, and The Carbon Bar has topped it all with their Lobster Burger. This week, I had the chance to try out this new seafood introduction at The Carbon Bar, and was delighted to share that the indulgent burger is $20 with a purchase of Alexander Keiths pint. $25 on it’s own.

Truly mouth-watering just by it’s description alone, Chef Hidde serves up a lobster cake made of Nova Scotia Lobster, with a strip of gourmet pit-smoked bacon, generous pour of truffle hollandaise, beef steak tomato and all tied together with a smear of Old Bay mayo.

Carbon Bar, Queen East - Lobster Burger

There’s half a lobster in every burger. You can really taste the chunks, it was like biting into a fresh cracked lobster. The balance of truffle hollandaise sauce, soft bun and wonderfully sized lobster patty made every bite a wonder. Our recommendation would be to leave out the bacon strip to nibble on as a snack – just as delicious on its own! Very filling. Very satisfying.

This burger is a real treat that you must try before the month ends!

DSC07467.JPGCarbon Bar, Queen East - Lobster Burger

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