On Fridays, go for Maman à Table

I’m squeezing every ounce that the summer warmth has left for me. Last Friday, I made a visit to Maman for their $20 lunch prix fixe menu. The prix fixe is a new service offering available year around every Friday between 11:30am to 2pm, called “Maman à Table”. For the Summer and Spring, the table service is offered exclusively on the patio. You’ll be sure to be served up produce according to the season!

Maman’s patio gives a completely different feel, it’s hard to believe that it’s nestled in such a busy area as First Canadian Place in the very core of the Financial District. From the ceramic decor to the tableware, you receive a Parisian feel far away from the bustles of King Street not too far away.

With a friend, we delightfully enjoyed a three-course lunch prix fixe each, tasting different items where we could. A starter, main and cafe gourmand. The menu included deconstructed avocado toast, parisian ham croque maman and seasonal quiche for selection with sweet bites and a coffee or tea to end off.

Maman Toronto, Lunch Set Menu
To start, we enjoyed the two options available: deconstructed avocado toast and grilled tomato gazpacho with sweet red peppers and cucumber. The gazpacho is served chilled, which is the perfect way to cool down, it was topped with a celery and bits of tomato. The deconsructed avocado was over a heap of tomato, two lime wedges and sea salt + chili to sprinkle freely. I enjoy the d.i.y aspect of any food dish, so I loved this exceptionally more.

Maman Toronto, Lunch Set Menu

Next, we each ordered a main and it ended up being both of parisan ham. The croque maman was creamy by the bite, filled with layers of parisan ham topped with comte cheese. There were three options to select from the daily quiche, two vegetarian and one including the same parisan ham. Very well made quiche. Salads accompany both mains.

Maman Toronto, Lunch Set Menu

daily quiche served with mixed greens

Maman Toronto, Lunch Set Menu
croque maman with parisian ham & comté cheese, served with mixed greens

Maman Toronto, Lunch Set Menu

Maman Toronto, Lunch Set Menu

 For the finish, we enjoured sloane tea in earl grey and ginger. The bites were each baked in-house and sweetened so slightly that it made a great companion to the tea. My favourite was the pistachio.

Maman is the perfect spot to escape away to on a Friday. It’s a casual atmosphere in a beautiful patio enjoying gorgeous plated dishes for $20.

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Maman Toronto, Lunch Set MenuMaman Toronto, Lunch Set MenuMaman Toronto, Lunch Set Menu

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  1. Andrea says:

    Yoo these pics are cute 👌🏼

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    1. Alice says:

      You da best. I actually thought of ways to take pictures for this lunch the night before – all my hard work of planning hehe.

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  2. Andrea says:

    Omg that’s dedication right there!


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