Learning the Art of Wine with Vinho Verde

Vinho Wine {1 June 2016}

Stemming from northwest Portugal, Vinho Verde is a young and crisp wine suitably enjoyed to be sipped gathering about new friends in the light breeze of the spring’s air. Vinho Verde can be found in all the assortments, red, white and rosé but tonight we were introduced us to the whites.

Our hosts of the evening are Ellen Douglas, producer of global food, wine & travel series and Canadian Artist Rea Kelly. The paintings presented throughout the space are by Rea Kelly, she draws the connection of art and wine appreciation.

Ellen welcomed an intimate group of bloggers into her spacious backyard and we were each right at home with the first welcoming glass of a 2014 Aveleda vinho verde (shown as the far right), this was a spritzy wine which held fruity aromas, wonderful to also discover that it’s at the LCBO.

Vinho Wine {1 June 2016}

Vinho Wine {1 June 2016}

The evening was spent proceeding through the wines (from right to left) and I found that my favourite was the Quinta da Aveleda Vinho Verde, it held an aroma of green apple with a more mineral, slightly spritzy aftertaste to it. I had seconds. This is also available at the LCBO.

Vinho Wine {1 June 2016}Vinho Wine {1 June 2016}

With our wine, nibbles were enjoyed through an assortment of cheeses, and the true crowd pleasure was this 15-minute ready prosciutto, Gorgonzola and a mix of apricot-strawberry jam freshly topped with arugula, all on a pita.

Vinho Wine {1 June 2016}Vinho Wine {1 June 2016}

Throughout this evening discovering the wines of Vinho Verde, we chatted about the love of wine, art and travels. Thank you Rea for sharing your beautiful art pieces with us and Ellen Douglas (@alwaysellen) for welcoming us into your backyard for a relaxing and enlightening taste of Portugal’s wine!

Vinho Verde is definitely a wine I will have my eye out for, many of the wines shown are available in the LCBO.

Find out more about Vinho Verde, here.

*This was a complimentary event hosted by Vinho Verde, opinions expressed are all my own.

Ahead are images of ambiance and space how vinho verde should be enjoyed:

Vinho Wine {1 June 2016}

My fellow wine-lovers to cheer along with: Mary’s Happy Belly and Sincerely KN.

Vinho Wine {1 June 2016}Vinho Wine {1 June 2016}Vinho Wine {1 June 2016}

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