Early Mercy: Food, Drinks & Music

Early Mercy King West DSC_3179_R

A new entrant to King West, Early Mercy gives a playful feel throughout the 3,500 square foot space, encouraging guests to come as they are and let loose as they enjoy eats from a rotating pick of Toronto’s favourite food trucks. The open space provides a 360 bar, booth and table top seating as you listen to curated beats of old hip hop and rock favourites, progressing into upbeat, newer tracks as the evening progresses.

Two feature walls line either side of Early Mercy, one featuring hipsteria-stylized portraits of renowned world leaders, and the other showing a scramble of quotes that exemplify a reflection of Early Mercy’s way of relaxed, care-free living.

Early Mercy King WestEarly Mercy King West

Tonight’s food truck pick is Food Dudes, which will be a resident offering with occasional guest spotlights on other top Toronto food truck favourites on a weekly basis. Each bite was fantastic, a favourite being the beetroot risotto which was a true one-of-a-kind.

Early Mercy King West
12-hour braised slider, pickled cucumber, argula, horseradish aioli, cheddar caramelized cheddar brioche
Early Mercy King West
Mac and cheese balls, spicy tomato sauce, basil puree, grana padano
Early Mercy King West
Red beet risotto cake, herb cheese mousse and balsamic glaze
Early Mercy King West
The Churchill – Tanqueray Rangpur Gin, Lime, Simple Syrup & Tonic Water
Early Mercy King West
Seed-crusted yellow fin tuna, wakame, yuzu chili aioli and jalapeño on a taro root chip

Food truck eats incorporated into a late night spot is a new item to the Toronto night scene. Early Mercy is a great spot for nibbles and a drink to start, spend, or end the night. To kick start the launch, I do hope to see a revolving drink menu that reflects the innovative space, upbeat music and diverse food items.

Check out Early Mercy’s pages for more details:
Website: www.earlymercy.com
Social: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

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