Won Jo, Strathfield

My second time at Won Jo, dinner for two!
 Welcomed through sliding doors and the menu fishes displayed along the glass.
We ordered the combination meat ($45), which was perfect for two! I also ordered one bowl of rice.
 My favourite thing about Won Jo is their array of side dishes! My favourite is the odd and creamy tangy pasta and water chestnut jelly! (Bottom left and bottom right accordingly)
After 15 minutes, our uncooked tray of meat arrived!
 Fans along the ceiling of each stove. Getting the meat browned!
 Rice which I barely touched anyway and three dipping sauce choices for each of us!
I absolutely love putting the veggies on the grill! Especially the onions, so tasty!
The metal utensils kind of scared me at first, heh, I thought it would get too hot.
By the end of it, we were simply playing with our food. We were way too full!
Won Jo is a tasty place for a Korean BBQ feed! Great array of sides and deliciously marinaded meats.

Won Jo
33A The Boulevarde
Strathfield, NSW
2135 Australia

Won Jo on Urbanspoon

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Melissa says:

    First Korean BBQ I went to in Strathfield 🙂
    I love the side dishes as well as their spicy hot pot!


  2. Sophie says:

    Yay, my favourite Korean restaurant ^_^! I'm obsessed with that red sauce.

    Wow, had no idea it got a 90% review on Urbanspoon :O


  3. Alice Phan says:

    Yeah, I was surprised myself! Guess everyone agrees with us 🙂


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